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Scandinavian Design Inspiration

I like to look at images I’ve taken in Scandinavia and translate colors, textures, and styles to our interiors for design inspiration. 

First, I love the combination of the softest white/gray walls combined with charcoal, white, brown and a color accent such as the green or yellow seen in the plants. Serene and calm to my eye, see below:

Wow, below is another inspiring combination, unexpected too…orange/terracotta color paired with soft gray with a blue/green undertone and dark blue accent. I can visualize a floor painted the soft blue/gray color in a kitchen with bright melon walls or isolated accents such as painting the backs of glass cabinets.

And yet another group of traditional Scandinavian colors which can surely be placed into a modern interpretation. Warm oyster gray, soft blue/gray, white and terracotta, perhaps again, as accents. Any combination can be used as kitchen design elements.

Scandinavian Color

Scandinavians “do” color. They do it well. Red and green complementary colors, with a very deep shaded green, adds interest and is one of the best ways to use complementary colors. Using soft gray in any color combination adds a sort of neutral zone (perhaps used in a countertop or a wall color) which allows each “feature” color to pop. I’m seeing gray more and more as an important foundation piece in a sophisticated color scheme.

Red walls, green/black cabinetry, gray countertops and stainless appliances?