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NOMA and Dinesen HeartOak®. Two “best of Danish” that over the summer 2012 met in a new lovestory by Architects SPACE Cph. 

The World’s Best Restaurant, NOMA in Copenhagen, has transformed the setting in order to add a new layer to the unique dining experience – with a Dinesen floor in HeartOak® as a key element.

The architectural firm SPACE Copenhagen has created a new, bright interior in a Nordic style that underscores NOMA’s underlying values of honesty and authenticity and sets the stage for the meal without drawing undue attention to itself.

The world’s best restaurant is known for its uncompromising and honest approach to carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality. It was essential for NOMA that the new interior lives up to and reflects this basic philosophy, so they contacted Dinesen, who shares the same values.

“We have chosen to work with Dinesen because they are able to select and process their raw materials in a way that lets the natural and lasting qualities of the wood stand out in the finished floors,” says René Redzepi, who is Owner and Head Chef at NOMA.

The restaurant is located in an old warehouse, steeped in atmosphere and history. The building is listed, which places restrictions on the architectural expression – and thus, the new floor plays an important role for the overall impression.

The choice fell on solid HeartOak® planks, in which natural cracks are preserved out of respect for the oak trees, which can up be to 200 years old. The planks are full of vitality and history, and as a unique detail, the cracks have been locked with elegant dovetail joints of oak. With its unique expression, HeartOak® is just as natural and authentic as the Nordic cuisine, and architects Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou from SPACE Copenhagen consider the floor a key element that supports the sense of intimacy and honesty that permeates the dining experience.

The level of detailing and the exquisite craftsmanship contribute to a sense of synergy between the oak planks and the gastronomy. Another important factor for SPACE Copenhagen was the fact that the new floor is made in a living material that only grows more beautiful with age.

While NOMA explores the possibilities in the Nordic cuisine, taking it to new heights, Dinesen has endeavoured, since the founding of the company in 1898, to process trees with care and to use them with respect and for the purposes for which they are best suited.

“We embrace the uniqueness and treat every single plank with care and dedication. In HeartOak®, we use as much of the large oak trees as possible and allow nature to unfold in all its beauty. Our planks will definitely fit in beautifully at NOMA,” says Thomas Dinesen, who represents the fourth generation in this family-owned business. 

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